Friday, 23 March 2012

Gay, Normal and Addiction....

My intention on writing these blogs was to demonstrate to other closeted middle aged men that not only is there life after coming out, but that we all have some funny albeit maybe-not-at-the-time stories to tell. Now I haven’t blogged in months, not because I don’t have a story or two, but because I’ve been busy with life, my family and my partner. In other words, normalcy has set in and I’m glad it has!

One thing about blogging, be it gay or otherwise, I can share my most innermost feelings and get comforting feedback from the virtual world.  It is definately not as good as a physical hug and kiss from my sweetie, but comforting all the same.

Well here goes….

It is often said the speediest road to recovery is admitting you have a problem. So here is mine: I’m an Air Miles Whore… there I said it!!!  

Seriously, while others are blogging about their lives, loves and losses, I am on the search for that bonus point.

For example: Rona offers Air Miles. My house NEEDED that renovation. AND I got bonus points for those items that I would never have considered otherwise.

Toys R Us offers Air Miles as well . Seems like every month there is a gift giving celebration of some sort. If my grandkids get tired of presents, then I'll adopt a small Grade School. Then, the giving will never end!

Right now in my house I have 60 rolls of toilet paper – that’s double rolls which equates to 120 regular rolls. Why? Well, at Safeway - the biggest points dealer to my addiction - I got 40 bonus points for every 2 packages of 15 that I purchased.  It's when I began to run of out room to store all of those rolls I began to realize 
" This is serious… I may have a problem… "

How did this addiction get started? I remember exactly where I was and the date and the time. I was teaching a night class and on a break, one of my students told me she put every purchase she had on Air Miles and that once a year she earned enough points to take her family of 4 to Disneyland.

Disneyland! My Mecca! My Wonderland! My place of Eternal Youth and Fun Times! Immediately, I realized that a trip taken once every 7 years could be reduced to 2 or 3.  My epiphany was that I could save up enough points to take my partner and his kids to Disneyland.  A most worthy cause if ever I could think of one!

I knew I had to be aggressive in my quest. So it wasn't about the every day, ordinary, 1 point here and 1 point there. It was all about those extra Bonus Points.  Available whenever one met the purchase requirements. That wasn't a problem for me. So, whenever there was a sale that offered Bonus Points – I was there! Card in hand. Point calculations on my mind!

I’m proud to say that in 2 years I’ve earned over 5,000 points. Even though there are things in my freezer I may never eat...

However, I feel so good having admitted my problem to you all that I’m ready to run out and buy something – provided they offer Air Miles.  Now, if only I could get bonus points for being gay…